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Evol Empire strives to merge scientific glassblowing and functional components to enhance the evolution of glass.

We are a small midwestern company that focuses on quality over quantity with rigorous quality control and calibration methods.  Our designs are continually EVOLving to create clean, innovative, scientific functional glass. 

Evol Empire Bio-Hazard


Each design focuses on the function of the piece.  Utilizing tight tolerances, clean seals, and smooth transitions to create exceptional flow with a calibrated amount of resistance.  



We typically have 4 drops per year to stores across the country.  Glass stores provide expertise and help maintain a community of glass enthusiasts.  We have met so many great shop owners over the years that we now call friends.

Support your local glass shop. 

Follow us for the latest info on drops and stores. 

  • @evolempireglass
  • Jay Gordon (Evol Empire)
Reclipse-Silver Jackpot dichro and sea slyme.jpg


Do we do customs?

No, not typically.  We have done a custom drop in the past, if we do another, all the info will be posted in Instagram.

How do I get glass?

All the glass we make is sold to glass stores across the United States.  Instagram is the best place to get the most recent updates on drops.

How much does a piece cost?

We post on Instagram what store is receiving which pieces.  Check with the store for price and availability.

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