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Jay Gordon started in the Scientific Glassblowing industry at age 20. He moved from coast to coast mastering glassblowing skills utilized in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and analytical industries, as well as in the field of academia.   

He began to transition to functional glass with early work focusing on merging artistic components with the precise, clean, tight tolerances of scientific glasswork.  Since then, a line of functional glass has emerged evolving from the early designs such as the iconic Eclipse.   New designs build upon the strengths of those early designs optimize the function and form of the piece.   Our goal is to merge scientific glassblowing with functional components to enhance the evolution of glass.   

Jay Gordon Evol Empire


1. Portland, Oregon


Jay started in an apprenticeship program in Portland, where his skill was recognized and he was moved to the R&D Dept. There he made quartz components including quartz torches, boats, injectors, and doing R&D. 


4. Syracuse, New York



Then he was off to Syracuse, to run the lathe department at the age of 25 building an entire semiconductor line up for Motorola. 

7. Old Lyme, Connecticut




Next he moved to Connecticut to run a laboratory pharmaceutical glass shop making glass for Pfizer including intricate borosilicate reactors, condensers, and various other lab glass.


2. Vineland, New Jersey


He then moved to New Jersey, to learn more of the quartz semi conductor industry including boats, pedestals, baffles, and diffusion tubes.

5. Grass Valley, California

Next came a move to Northern California, to work for a glass company in Grass Valley, doing small borosilicate glass and quartz high discharge light bulbs.  


8. DeKalb, Illinois




Finally he moved to DeKalb, to run a university chemistry glass department working with professors and students designing complex labware.  One of the most sought after positions for scientific glassblowers. 

3. Tempe, Arizona


Next he relocated to Arizona, to build quartz tanks and large diameter quartz tubes for horizontal and vertical semiconductor processors.


6. Aurora, Colorado


He moved to Colorado to learn and build analytical glass.  This included quartz ICP torches and Borosilicate spray chambers.

9. Evol Empire Begins




Here in Northern Illinois he was asked to work with Everest Glass then met artist Ryan Green.  This is when Evol Empire began.

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